A Brief History of Barrington & Drew
timeline image
1968 2024 Business systems - design, development and implementation 1968 Mainframe systems 1985 PC desktop applications 1986 Database design, development and SQL 2001 Web applications
60's Punched card based accounting systems
70's Corporate mainframes, terminal input, tape drives and 8Mb disk drives the size of washing machines
80's Specialised in the newly arrived PCs and, a little later, the sexier GUI interface of of the Macintosh. dBase and Foxpro databases
90's Windows and Macintosh GUI applications using Interbase, Access and MSSQL databases
2000+ Designing and building company intranet and internet applications and server-side scripts for web sites (PHP and MSSQL/MySQL databases ).
Over 45 years experience
designing and developing
business systems and applications