Bespoke Development

From inception through all stages of development to final deployment, B&D can help you to deliver systems and applications to enhance the performance of your business.

A collaborative and iterative approach to a requirement, design and development cycle is preferred so that you are kept involved and informed. This enables you to refine your requirements and ensures that you get exactly the product that you need.

B&D has had experience of a diverse range of systems and applications over the years, some of which are shown in the list on the right.

When you need a business system or application developing, contact B&D using the link at the bottom of the page.

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BBC News:
Brexit: Theresa May heads to Chequers for cabinet talks
Senior ministers gather to try to reach a deal on the government's Brexit strategy. (Feb 22 4:55am)
Camden stabbings: 'Stop using knives' begs grieving mother
A mother who lost two sons within five months pleads for teenagers to stop carrying knifes. (Feb 21 9:38pm)
Brit Awards 2018: Stormzy scoops Ed Sheeran to win top prizes
The grime star beats Ed Sheeran to two prizes, while pop singer Dua Lipa also wins a double. (Feb 21 11:41pm)
Universities braced for 14 days of strikes over pensions
Lecturers at 64 universities walk out over changes they say could halve their retirement income. (Feb 21 11:20pm)
Domestic abuse: Guidelines recommend tougher sentences
Guidelines say courts should now view offences more seriously than those committed against strangers. (Feb 22 1:47am)
Government 'has no plan' for Northern Ireland - Sinn Féin
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Cannabis licence considered for Alfie Dingley, 6
Baroness Williams tells the Lords "every option is being considered" for Alfie Dingley who has epilepsy. (Feb 21 6:29pm)
CCTV emerges of missing Liam Colgan in Hamburg
His family fear he has been injured during a Hamburg stag do, and is "confused, vulnerable and lonely". (Feb 21 10:03pm)
West Bromwich MP Adrian Bailey attacked by hooded gang on his way home
Adrian Bailey was making his way home from the Houses of Parliament when he was mugged. (Feb 21 6:27pm)
Man wounded in Cambuslang shooting
An eyewitness said the victim staggered into a nearby bar after being ambushed in Cambuslang. (Feb 22 12:33am)
Michael Gove tells water firms to clean up their act
The environment secretary says water firms may face further regulation if prices and leaks aren't fixed. (Feb 22 12:02am)
Ancient Britons 'replaced' by newcomers
Britain's Stone Age population was almost completely replaced some 4,500 years ago, a study shows. (Feb 21 6:12pm)
Brit Awards 2018 in two minutes: Stormzy and Dua Lipa win big
The big winners are Dua Lipa and Stormzy, who used his performance to attack the government on Grenfell. (Feb 22 1:29am)
Brits stars react to white roses movement
Paloma Faith was among those asked about the symbol of solidarity with victims of harassment and abuse. (Feb 21 8:21pm)
John Worboys case: 'I doubted my sanity for five years'
One of the rapist's victims told Victoria Derbyshire that watching the number of victims rise as more women came forward was "horrendous". (Feb 21 10:44am)
Minister asked: Did Corbyn betray country?
A minister is asked for his reaction to claims by the defence secretary that Jeremy Corbyn "betrayed his country" and a security minister comparing Labour's leader to Kim Philby. (Feb 21 3:16pm)
Partially paralysed man blinks to communicate
Simon Field might not be able to move but he can still communicate, by blinking. (Feb 21 1:52am)
Will Ed Sheeran play at royal wedding?
The singer responds to reports that he's performing at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. (Feb 21 6:19pm)
Frisbee the seal returns to North Sea after RSPCA care
The "minor miracle" for the seal left with "horrendous" injuries from a Frisbee-style beach toy. (Feb 21 6:06pm)
BBC Breakfast
BBC coverage of latest developments (Jan 22 7:22am)
Great Yarmouth Charter Academy bans 'McDonald's' hairstyle
Boys with six styles deemed "extreme" will be put into isolation or sent home, the academy warns. (Feb 21 5:15pm)