Bespoke Development

From inception through all stages of development to final deployment, B&D can help you to deliver systems and applications to enhance the performance of your business.

A collaborative and iterative approach to a requirement, design and development cycle is preferred so that you are kept involved and informed. This enables you to refine your requirements and ensures that you get exactly the product that you need.

B&D has had experience of a diverse range of systems and applications over the years, some of which are shown in the list on the right.

When you need a business system or application developing, contact B&D using the link at the bottom of the page.

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BBC News:
NHS overcharged by millions for key drug, says watchdog
A 6,000% price rise in an essential thyroid drug led the NHS to overpay, the UK competition body says. (Nov 21 3:37pm)
National Lottery players could win £10,000 a month for life
Lottery operator Camelot denies that the new prize is designed to stop "binge spending" (Nov 21 12:10pm)
UK firms 'excluded' from space contracts by Brexit
Aerospace firms also warn if the UK leaves the EU without a deal it will be "chaotic" for the sector. (Nov 21 4:28pm)
UK government borrowing grows in October
Increased debt costs, linked to higher inflation, were a factor in the shortfall. (Nov 21 11:54am)
Discount railcard extended for people aged up to 30
The young persons' railcard is being extended to those aged up to 30 after a successful trial. (Nov 21 1:37pm)
Tencent chief 'richer than Google founders'
Ma Huateng's company is the first Asian firm to reach a market value of more than $500bn. (Nov 21 12:02pm)
EasyJet profits fall after 'difficult year' for aviation
The airline's full-year profits are also hit by the effect of Brexit on the pound. (Nov 21 8:51am)
Ineos expands into North Sea oil and gas exploration
The chemicals giant has signed a deal potentially giving it access to vast energy reserves. (Nov 21 6:26am)
'Outsourced' workers seek better deal in landmark case
Staff hired out by a facilities company are going to tribunal for better pay, holidays and pensions. (Nov 21 3:16pm)
US moves to block AT&T's takeover of Time Warner
The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to stop the media and telecoms tie-up. (Nov 21 7:20am)
FTSE 100 ends higher as EasyJet shares take off
Shares in the airline soar as it says it is benefitting from rival carriers' woes. (Nov 21 5:00pm)
Chinese carmaker Trumpchi mulls less political name
The Chinese carmaker hopes to start selling to the US by 2019, but possibly under a different name. (Nov 21 7:18am)
Paris and Amsterdam to host key EU agencies post-Brexit
Ministers pick new homes for medicine and banking agencies which will move from London. (Nov 20 7:23pm)
Paperchase 'sorry' over Daily Mail deal after backlash
The stationery group says it will no longer run promotions in the newspaper following an outcry. (Nov 20 5:32pm)
UK space firms 'missing out on contracts' amid Brexit uncertainty
Companies are being excluded from contract bids for the EU's Galileo space programme because of Brexit uncertainty, according to the Royal Aeronautical Society's Simon Henley. (Nov 21 11:32am)
The first man to star in a L’Oreal make-up advert
How an Instagram beauty blogger with more than 75 thousand followers became the first man to star in a L’Oreal make-up ad. (Nov 21 2:34am)
Why Singapore is training professional gamers
With the global e-sports market set to hit $1.5bn in three years, Singapore is helping train professional gamers. (Nov 20 12:20am)
Philip Hammond says there are 'no unemployed people'
The chancellor insists the 1.4m unemployed in the UK have not been forgotten as he clarifies his remark. (Nov 19 11:54am)
'Why I'm giving my wealth away'
EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou discusses why he's started an award for disabled entrepreneurs in the UK. (Nov 17 4:11pm)
The man helping turn young lives around
Despite leaving school with no GCSEs, Louchavan Lemard has been named Black Business Man of 2017. (Nov 18 1:24am)
'My mum's our restaurant's head chef'
Munaf Kapadia found a unique way to tear his mother away from the television - by making her his head chef in his pop-up restaurant business. (Nov 17 12:13am)