Bespoke Development

From inception through all stages of development to final deployment, B&D can help you to deliver systems and applications to enhance the performance of your business.

A collaborative and iterative approach to a requirement, design and development cycle is preferred so that you are kept involved and informed. This enables you to refine your requirements and ensures that you get exactly the product that you need.

B&D has had experience of a diverse range of systems and applications over the years, some of which are shown in the list on the right.

When you need a business system or application developing, contact B&D using the link at the bottom of the page.

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Millions to face hosepipe ban in north-west England
The ban will affect people in north-west England but other firms say they have no plans to follow suit. (Jul 17 2:08am)
Brexit: Government scrapes through Customs Bill votes
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AI will create as many jobs as it displaces - report
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MPs to vote on early summer recess
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Editing human embryos 'morally permissible'
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Anti-knife crime lessons for holidays
Teenagers in England are taught not to get caught up in knife violence in the summer holidays. (Jul 17 12:34am)
Kent and Medway NHS hernia policy 'may be rationing' surgery
Some hernia patients have to show they have a serious complication to get surgery, doctors say. (Jul 17 1:18am)
Labour MPs want new anti-Semitism code
MPs back adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism. (Jul 16 9:47pm)
Google's job hunting service comes to UK
Google's centralised job hunt services signs up most individual sites with one major exception. (Jul 17 12:17am)
Bowel cancer screening could shed light on other conditions
Researchers find bowel cancer screening can indicate whether people are at risk of other problems. (Jul 17 12:00am)
Private tutors 'should face DBS criminal record checks'
The UK's biggest teaching union says disqualified teachers may still be able to work as tutors. (Jul 17 1:48am)
Crane numbers 'could rise by 50%' in next 50 years
There could be 275 breeding pairs of cranes in the UK within 50 years, research shows. (Jul 17 1:06am)
Warning after Kent boy's henna tattoo burns
The mother of a boy who was burnt after getting a henna tattoo is warning holidaymakers to be careful. (Jul 16 11:02pm)
Adenomyosis: Pain '10 times worse than childbirth'
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What is life on Spice really like? The experience of a user and someone who is kicking the habit in Wrexham. (Jul 16 5:09pm)
Moment car drove into police officer
Dashcam footage shows a teenager ploughing into an officer, ramming him towards a roadside barrier. (Jul 16 10:51am)
Donald Trump: Theresa May on the president's EU advice
Theresa May reveals what President Trump suggested she should do when dealing with the EU. (Jul 15 10:19am)
Theresa May: Five things from her Andrew Marr show interview
Trump, immigration, leadership, EU law and 'cutting out David Davis' - here are five things the Prime Minister revealed. (Jul 15 2:55pm)
Longleat prepares for arrival vulnerable Southern Koalas
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Prehistoric bake-off: Recipe for oldest bread revealed
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