Bespoke Development

From inception through all stages of development to final deployment, B&D can help you to deliver systems and applications to enhance the performance of your business.

A collaborative and iterative approach to a requirement, design and development cycle is preferred so that you are kept involved and informed. This enables you to refine your requirements and ensures that you get exactly the product that you need.

B&D has had experience of a diverse range of systems and applications over the years, some of which are shown in the list on the right.

When you need a business system or application developing, contact B&D using the link at the bottom of the page.

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BBC News:
Covid: NHS Test and Trace needs to improve, PM concedes
Boris Johnson says he shares people's frustrations at the turnaround times for results in England. (Oct 22 6:32pm)
New government Covid scheme to pay up to half of wages
Chancellor Rishi Sunak increases support for firms and workers as lockdown restrictions spread. (Oct 22 4:34pm)
Covid rules: Stoke, Coventry and Slough face tighter restrictions in tier 2
In all of these areas the infection rate is over 100 per 100,000 people, the health secretary says. (Oct 22 3:39pm)
Coronavirus: Canary Islands added to UK's safe travel list
UK tourists will also no longer need to quarantine after visiting Mykonos, the Maldives and Denmark. (Oct 22 5:27pm)
Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell denies witnessing 'inappropriate' activities
Transcripts of testimony by Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend in 2016 are made public. (Oct 22 6:23pm)
Essex lorry deaths: Migrant 'paid £13k for 'VIP' smuggling trip'
A Vietnamese migrant tells a court he used the same route into the UK as 39 migrants who died. (Oct 22 5:39pm)
Covid: Scots told to prepare for 'digital Christmas'
The idea of people in Scotland having a normal Christmas in 2020 is "fiction", the national clinical director says. (Oct 22 1:33pm)
Harry Dunn death: Suspect applies to dismiss damages case
The prime minister tells the Dunn family's local MP the government will support them in court. (Oct 22 1:49pm)
Brexit: Michel Barnier arrives in UK as trade talks restart
The EU's chief negotiator warns time is running out to strike a deal ahead of face-to-face talks. (Oct 22 5:38pm)
Covid-19: Greater Manchester Tier 3 move prompts more police patrols
Greater Manchester's chief constable urges public to work with police and comply with Tier 3 rules. (Oct 22 5:17pm)
LGBT students attacked in university Zoom meeting
Durham University online welcome meeting for LGBT students is "hijacked" by "homophobic slurs". (Oct 22 2:42pm)
Covid-19: Boris Johnson's test-and-trace 'frustrations', and big changes to Job Support Scheme
Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Thursday evening. (Oct 22 5:59pm)
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UK travel restrictions: Which countries can I visit without quarantining?
Key holiday spots are being regularly added to the travel quarantine list as infection rates rise. (Oct 22 6:26pm)
Long Covid: Who is more likely to get it?
A study suggests old age increases the risk, as does asthma, excess weight, and being female. (Oct 21 5:30am)
Coronavirus: Call for clarity over half-term travel advice
The tourism boss for Devon says they have to rely on people sticking to government guidance. (Oct 21 4:40pm)
Coronavirus: How are people breaking the rules?
Attitudes towards coronavirus restrictions are changing. But are people sticking to the rules? (Oct 20 5:49pm)
Covid: Lockdown had 'major impact' on mental health
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Use our search tool to find out about coronavirus rules and restrictions where you live. (Oct 22 3:51pm)
Thousands unable to get an NI number because of coronavirus
Thousands have been unable to get a National Insurance number because the government has stopped issuing them. (Oct 21 12:04am)